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  • How do the Rugged Pro Pickleballs play?
    The Rugged Pro Pickleball is the perfect ball for players of all levels. New players and less-mobile players will enjoy the the liveliness. Players have been raving about the durability of the balls lasting much longer than the Dura, Onix, and other brands. The Rugged Pro lasts longer, livelier, and competively priced making the perfect pickleball.
  • What are the Pickleball Training Bands?
    Pickle Preferred Training Bands are a great tool for any Pickleball player and athelte to use as part of a workout or warmup. These bands are designed to be used to exercise important muscles (rotator cuff, labrum, biceps and more) in your arms. These bands can help prevent injuries, but assisting you in properly stretching or can be part of a physical therapy rehabilitation program. Make sure to check with your doctor for any excersise guidance.
  • How soon will I get my order?
    The custom trading cards and accessories are typically shipped within a week (business days) or so of the order being received. We will update tracking once your order goes out. Please be patient as we try to get your orders out to you as soon as we can!
  • What are Pickleball Trading Cards?
    Pickle Preferred is proud to introduce custom Pickleball trading cards. You can create your own card with your photo and stats. Pro's and amatuers exchange their own cards at matches with their opponent. This allows you to have a souvenir from all the different players you competed with.
  • How to order your custom Pickleball Trading Cards?
    We will contact you to get the photo you want on your card. You will also need to do the following: Please fill out the form for the back of your card in the following format below when ordering. Please note- you may be restricted to a certain amount of characters, or the sizing of the writing may be decreased, the more you write. We will contact with any questions. Please double check all spelling. Make sure to double check all spelling as all orders are final!
Custom Card Submission Form
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